shim recommends: blu-ray shoot out

you know, it really, really pisses me off when one of my friends pesters me about what the best blu-ray player is and then buys some piece ‘o shite because the salesman said “it’s our top seller!” fuck.

here’s the fucking list, if you don’t buy one of these, i can’t help you. (sigh, pass the jagermeister…)

1) if you can afford $500 rubles, then buy the oppo bdp-83 (if you want THE best get the $899 bdp-83se for unreal, can’t-get-any-better audio/video). there is a $1200 DAC mod available but to my ears, this is the point of splitting hairs and severe upgrade-itis and your lady will probably leave you for some guy that actually enjoys his life. truly, this is THE best. outstanding build quality. outstanding interface and remote. one of, if not THE fastest blu-ray load times going. as fast as a good cd player. (cds?! remember those?)

2) @$299, just get a sony PS3 slim. it’s 120 GB. it is slick as fuck for audio and video playback, networking, and also you can play all those games instead of getting a real girlfriend.

3) $200. panasonic dmp-bd80. sturdy. never crashed once. full featured. remote is a little dumpy. slow start up.

4) i really dig these two. truly superb video and audio (providing you have the related gear). lg bd270 ($130) and the lg bd370 ($150). fucking solid. the 370 can stream movies from cinemanow and netflix. if you’re looking to save a few bucks and just want a solid, bare bones unit but still excellent audio and video, either will do.

5) $150. sony bdp-s360. full featured. decent remote. solid build. is “blu-live ready.” but who cares? 99% of the extra content is pure evil maketing crap, it’s only tolerated by little kids and shut-ins…

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