bangin’ for your buck, surround processor part 2: onkyo

i’m not gonna get all specs and white papers and lab measurements on this site. nope. thankfully for me, those days are over; i did my time in that hell, so all you will hear here is one man’s opinion. the stuff i recommend is somewhat based on experience running the numbers, but mostly on practical, real-world usage, and on taste. mine.

now then, i’m sure many folks will agree or disagree depending what way the digital wind is blowing at the time, but friends, to me it makes more sense, in our troubled and crazy times, to not go out to the movies (unless you live in austin: alamo drafthouse!!! recognize!!!!) but invite over a few good friends and stay in.

not only will you save much flow, not worry about parking and definitely not get shivved in a bum fight, you can drink and eat your own popcorn with no 3,000% markup.

for this tho’, y’all will need a surround sound processor. (and speakers and a blu-ray and a display…)

my pick for a “midrange” (i.e. affordable) a/v receiver is a clear winner: the $500 onkyo tx-sr607 (soon to be replaced by the 608 w/hdmi 1.4 specs but WHO CARES?!??!). ahem. this dog will hunt. it’s black (a shim fav), it’s got an integrated amp of about 90+ watts x 7 channels which is more than enough for good-sized rooms. example: crank it and the neighbours will call the cops. a ton of hdmi inputs. the 1080p path is very clean but upscaled standard def sources look like rhino sphincter but if you have a decent blu-ray player it’ll do that for you. (huzzah!!) the on-screen menu is crappy, the remote is ok, but it’s sirius ready and there’s an optional ipod dock.


the deal here is, it sounds fantastic. the THE high end best, no. but it really, really sounds good. way better than 500 bones good. most people will never need better. and you can also out 2 subs. big ba-da-boom!

god bless korean-built japanese engineering.

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