insatiable gear lust: pmc MB2S-XBD-A

sweet mother of pearl!

whilst on a recent trip to the EU, friends kept telling me about the stellar beers of ze deutschland, and then i heard about their plentiful, world class art museums, all cheap and outstanding. so being a total sucker for cheap and amazing and since getting there from la france was like driving to houston from austin (kinda) and cost about $40 roundtrip on the fucking seriously slick ICE train, we thought, “why the hell not?”

without getting too off track, i can assure you, gentle reader, your hard-earned dollars will be so well spent and your mind broadened and blown. the art was fantastic (never seen so many top-tier picassos in one place) and the beer sublime. plus you gotta love that you can fly to berlin (must see) and back on another $40! lufthansa, we could learn so much from you here. AND you can hit another 5+ ass-kicking countries in as little time and equally on the cheap!!!! “stewardess, libations!”

oh yeah, the speakers. long story short: got a chance to visit a local studio where they had the divine pmc MB2S-XBD-A a rockin’ the control room.

holy fucking shit.

yeeeesss, my dark master...

i know i gave best in show honors to the barefoot line awhile back, and i still maintain that opinion. for mortals. but i gotta say, that comparing the barefoot to these is a little like racing a NOS-injected lamborghini against the space shuttle.

for instance, the pmc’s are about $64,000. *cough* but if you gots a rich daddy, sugar-momma or are spending somebody else’s deep dimes, fucking fly to the factory in the UK and hear for yourself.

each speak is internally powered by a sweet bryston-based amp delivering just shy of about 1,500 watts of silky, creme fraiche.

i love how the specs claim a “usable frequency response” of 20Hz-25kHz. in-fucking-deed. i imagine they roll off somewhere below 15Hz.

plus, i read that george massenburg basically cums in his knickers, everytime he turns them up.

pmc, you had me from hello.

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