old vines in the new world: m.j. keenan’s blood into wine

right off i’m gonna go ahead and highly recommend this doc because it is not made by that walmart/dud/scud of wine, the great homogenizer:  robert mondavi.

anyhoo, i am as much into the holy concept of arizona bay as much as the next miscreant motherfucker and this doc does deliver, somehow, but damn, the momentum is almost derailed by the frequent weaker moments which can get strangely hammy and a bit too staged.

also, gasp, bill murray was not cast as the character in the royal tanenbaums as maynard cited-it was a very capable gene hackman-can’t believe no one caught that. picky i guess but damn i love that flik.

i hear the sardonic/guerrilla/indy band vibe of this here doc and that’s great. AND i know that this doc is not meant for the pandering sycophants of tool/perfect circle/pusifer: got it. this is grown up stuff. then why include the silly tool fan scenes?  still, the more earnest scenes with a self effacing maynard really give this a must see quality; here’s a humbled, straightforward cat who obviously chose this path out of love for wine and that really resonates.

the wine? i had a chance to sample a nagual de la naga 2008 and it was delicious albeit out of my price range for the everyday. sigh. note: these are very young wines so i would recommend decanting for an entire day before consuming.

more info about the wines themselves can be found here and here.





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