return of the smoov!!! happy 2012 w/ david suzuki’s force of nature and gabrielle hamilton’s blood, bones and butter

happy 2012, and a sincere go fuck yourself to 2011!!!!

so i still haven’t finished any music. so i still have piles of half-finished art. so my site still doesn’t have a store and i am working peace-of-mind-crushing jobs. so i didn’t realize half of the creative shit that i felt to be vital and soul-nourishing in much of 2011. so i’m more broke than i was in college. so what if the douche quotient in my neck o’ the woods seems to be rising to some epic, “biblical” (if you believe in that shit…) type level. so what if greed is the new black. so what if occupy wall street was more of a whimper than a scream. so what if there’s a tea party. so what if my “family” hopes i fail. so what if… oh fuck it.

i tell you this: there are still a few good people in the world. art still matters. and there is love, compassion, joy and all the things that really matter. examples? i give you david suzuki:

watch it and send a copy to everyone you know. definitely a force of nature.

next up: a truly wonderful must-read:

read it despite all the recommendations. real good shit. i wish gabrielle hamilton was my mom.

take it from your old pal, shim: 2012 is gonna be one hell of a great year. the pendulum is on the up-swing and although i can’t guarantee bliss for all, the 1% is shitting their powder wigs and things are changing for the better. to quote ani difranco’s “coming up”:

but I love this city, this state
this country is too large
and whoever’s in charge up there
had better take the elevator down
and put more than change in our cup
or else we
are coming

plus obama is gonna get a second term.

i love you all.

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