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shut yer piehole and start the day off right!

[posted by sexy celebrity intern as shim experiences creative crisis, muttering “to blog or not to blog…”] it’s texas, in winter, and some bitchez be screaming about the snow. even though we got, what, 2 inches max? unreal. okay, so there was ice, and my neighbor (who has obviously never experienced ice in all its […]

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hot damn, shim does shrimp!

photo by the lovely and talented laura roberts! usually i don’t dig frozen shrimp, but i just discovered that sam’s club has an excellent wild-sourced, flash-frozen large shrimp deal that will whet any appetite. this dish is so fast and easy and so fucking good you might just blow your own taste buds. step one: […]

cool summer classics: shim spins cobb salad

goddamn it’s hot out! but i still gots to get my eat on, i tell you what. this is the perfect summer dish: substantial, carb-free and incredibly delish. and pretty easy to make. ok, so about 40 mins of prep, but it’s easy prep, and dear shimmy, your digital sherpa, is here to guide the […]

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shim does thin crust

oh yeah, i know what you’re thinkin’: damn shim, but i wasn’t born in sicily! well, believe it or not, but neither was i. i know. i know. unpossible. but YES, you too may taste of this tastebud partay in yer own domicile. it’s true. i.e. even the one that i totally fuct up is […]

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