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dreamin’ in triple beamz: run the jewels

fucking el-p. fucking killermike. this shit is exactly the opposite of ON THE CHAIN!!!!!-! you gotta know that when a fucking super-awesome hip hop album is released for free(but you should pay-it’s that goood), AND it’s branded with an amazingly deliciously delicious alcoholic beverage, that also fucking reeks like your herb of choice, it must […]

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smoov shimmy’s picks o’ the week: teebs, heavy winged and lilys

i love/luv/LOOOVE  me some internet backtalk, especially when people are shitting on my writing/journalistic style as “lazy” or “vague” or “pukey.” well, sheeple are entitled to their opinions and, sadly, to get their hate on; but i maintain that i will do only these things: not bullshit you, not sell anything ever or get creepy […]

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pap smear of the gods: dr. octagon

well, just to mix it up a piece, most rap albums suck harder than a hooker at mike tyson’s pad. i present to yous: kool fucking keith and his superfreaky dr. octagonecologyst. this cat has got a shoddy output overall, but goddamn: this wrekkard kills. try not to party to this.

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