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touch me in the morning: jazzmutant lemur

ok, seriously, fuck the iPad (smackdown coming soon). alright, they are kinda cool for an iTouche-maxi and, yes, i’d probably keep it if bill gates re-gifted one to me. but sweet jeebus, if i see just one more post about it “revolutionizing” computing i will puke out of my eyes. please, let us give some […]

tang dynasty poetry: li pai and tu fu

wtf?! chinese poetry? no, i haven’t been drinking, friends. if ever there was suitable reading material while carelessly floating atop an inner tube at one of our many swimming holes, this is very much it. try that with an ipad. who the shit is li pai? (or li po, don’t get me started…). well, cool […]

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shim recommends: 2010 macbook pro

when people ask me what kind of computer they should get, i pretty much always tell them to buy apple. especially if you are the creative type, macs will serve up a much more stimulating creative experience. it’s not that i’m a mac fanboy, per se, but i have used both platforms extensively and i […]

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tech lust/shim recommends: do it to me sooloos

waaaay before the itouch-maxi… err… the ipad… there was a plucky upstart called sooloos. nipples. touch me. it’s essentially a hi-res touch screen slaved to a bundle of (expandable) hard drives with a snappy itunes-esque interface. the revolution that is now, was then. sure if you can drop $8K on a music server, i’m sure […]

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tech lust and sushi

i seriously fucking hate “win-blows,” but i’d seriously eat here (if even just once). if i lived in london. oooo inamo: holy cyber funk, i can order off a microsoft-cock touch screen and then watch the chef make it while, while choosing my table desktop?!?!?  and i could play “battleship” whilst i wait?  AND the […]

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